Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/intent.zip
Size: 499.91 KB
Date: 10/29/02
Author: Jay Townsend
Description: The moon, the stars, the planets. Many nights you spent gazing skyward with dreams of what lay beyond the place you call home. Every childhood thought that you could remember was of going to outer space and exploring strange new worlds.

By the time you were Eighteen, the Earth was a paranoid society. Much of the resources that used to be used for space travel were now being used as defense from iminent invasion. This in mind, you decided to join the forces, and see some other planet. Mars would be great.

Your first job was security at a small mining outpost on Mars. Not the most interesting job, but the smell of Martian air was enough to make it all worthwhile. However, when unknown occurences started happening, and you started asking questions, the higher ups did not take kindly to this. You suspected that there was something amiss, so you packed a pistol with you on the latest assignment.

It was suspicious. Apparently, some beast had killed a marine only metres away from the outpost, and yet, this was the first you had heard about it all. As you lead the way, lieutenants Biggs and Wedge behind you muttered between themselves. You figured it was a trap of some kind. Now might be a good time to quit the job, make your way to the city and get off of Mars.

You here a click behind you, as Wedge readies his sidearm.
"I'm sorry I have to do this."
"Yeah, you were just getting in too deep where you don't belong."
Lucky for you that you had the sense to bring a pistol.
What now?
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Bugs: A few little ones. Not obvious, so left in as "speedrunning tricks"
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A beautifully crafted set of evil maps.x
Cramped. So cramped even the poor monsters get stuck at times. "Hard" as in "frustrating" rather than "challenging". 2/5x
Pretty darn good.-4/5x
Good wad for the Doom gods. 5/5 but for very high skilled players only.x
The first archvile shows up way too early: I have the reg shotgun and the chaingun, but not much ammo. Poor design.x
This is dated November 2001. It is touch sensitive. It's very good, well-designed, and also very tough - the ammo is rationed and the designer has a thing for archviles, and the secrets are clever. It can be very frustrating because of the ammo shortness, and it's one of a few levelsets that's perfectly playable on a lower difficultly level. It's sometimes very irritating - the archvile/knight trap on L4 is unentertaining, the final level is fiddly.x
Not a bad little set of maps. 4/29/07x

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